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Water & Waste Management

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Water & Waste Management

Expertise of more than 4 years has culminated in Pioneer Solutions, setting itself to be nation’s one of the leading environment protection company in the field of designing and manufacturing of water treatment, waste water recycling systems and solid
waste treatment. Pioneer Solutions firmly guided by experience, constant research and development, has become the leader in designing and manufacturing of water treatment, waste water management systems. With prime focus on environmental protection and real time solution, our business sense has connected perfectly with our customers with what matter the most- Quality, low capex, Economical Operations and efficient Services.

Treatment Plant

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Treatment plants


Effluent Treatment Plant

ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) is a process design for treating the industrial waste water for its reuse or safe disposal to the environment.

Effluent  is produced in many assembling businesses like material, drugs and synthetic substances, tanneries and so forth Polluted water can’t be delivered without treatment as it contains harmful and non-poisonous synthetic substances. Subsequently ETP’s are introduced in most assembling enterprises.

The Effluent treatment plants (ETP) are utilized for the expulsion of high measures of natural mixtures, trash, soil, coarseness, contamination, harmful, non-poisonous materials and polymers and so on from mechanical emanating. The ETP plants use vanishing and drying strategies and other assistant procedures, for example, centrifuging, filtration , cremation for compound preparing and effluent treatment.


Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage is the waste generated from residential, institutional, commercial and industrial establishments. STP plant treats the sewage to make it fit for safe disposal, agricultural use or domestic use in toilets etc. Sewage usually contains a high quantity of organic and inorganic wastes. It is essential to treat sewage before it enters into any water body. If sewage, is allowed to enter the water sources without treatment, it will contaminate them; which is why it is essential to treat sewage properly before letting it into rivers or any other sources of water.

Areas in Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Primary Treatment                                  
  • Secondary Treatment
  • Tertiary Treatment

Water Treatment Plant

Water treatment is any cycle that improves the nature of water to make it fitting for a particular end-use. The end use might be drinking, mechanical water supply, water system, waterway stream support, water entertainment or numerous different uses, including being securely gotten back to the climate. Water treatment eliminates impurities and bothersome segments, or lessens their focus so the water gets fit for its ideal end-use. This treatment is significant to human wellbeing and permits people to profit by both drinking and water system use.

        Process Involved

  • Physical
  • Chemical
  • Physio-Chemical
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